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An Absence of Saints (UQP) .



StylusLit, 2017 – present

Stylus Poetry Journal, 2002 – 2010



Audio CDs:

Chronicles of Desire: Fragments, 2002. Word and sound collaboration with Bernard Houston.

Chronicles of Desire: Fragments (Singapore mix), 2004. Word and sound collaboration with Kenny Floyd.

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Chronicles of Desire: Fragments explores the voices of women on the themes of love and desire.


Recent publications


‘The Rhyme and Reason behind how to Ignite that Poetic Spark’, InReview (QLD and SA), December 2023.

‘The Australia Day Weekend’, Issue 34,  four W: New Writing, forthcoming November 2023.

‘Messages’, in missed connection: microfiction from asia, Marshall Cavendish Publishers, Singapore, October 2023.

Poet’s Corner with David Ades, WestWords: interview and reading, August 2023. The podcast on the theme of ‘Nature (broadly) with a small and capital “N”’can be viewed here:

Earlier, poetry collection, Ginninderra Press, January 2023.


Tourist’, poem, Issue 33, fourW: New Writing, December 2022.

 ‘Liminality’, ‘Lockdown’, ‘Jenolan Man, 1866, ‘Feasts’, ‘Executor’ and ‘Exiles’, e ratio  (USA), November 2022.

‘The Big Wet’, poem, in TEXT: Journal of Writing and Writing Courses, October, 2022.

‘Thanking Bill from the Other World’, short story in TEXT: Journal of Writing and Writing Courses, April 2022,

‘wildfire’ in ArLiJo (Arlington Literary Journal), Issue 160, Virginia, US ( May).


‘Drifters’ in Antipodes 35.1 (forthcoming) – Winner: 2021 AAALS (American Association of Australasian Literature Studies) Poetry Prize.

‘Playing Dead’, Not Very Quiet 2017-2021 anthology, Recent Works Press, December.

‘Succession Planning, Northern Rivers, Australia, January 2020’ in Transnational Literature, Vol. 13, 18 October.

‘Causality’ in Poetry for the Planet: An Anthology of Imagined Futures, (eds.) Julia Kaylock and Denise O’Hagan. Litoria Press, October.

‘Finding Lucy, Ethiopia 1974’ and ‘The Vagaries of the Head: A Contemplation’, guest ed. Kelvin Corcoran, Shearsman 129/130, October.

‘My Paleolithic Self’ in Australian Poetry Journal 11.1, August.

‘Paradeisos’ (poem) and ‘Alexander’ (short story) in Meniscus 9.1, May.

‘Playing Dead’, Not Very Quiet 2017-2021 anthology, Recent Works Press, (forthcoming) Dec 2021

‘Gathering’ in Quadrant, June.

‘Bad Weather’ video, Pulped Fiction Salon, Newcastle Writers’ Festival and online launch of Pulped Fiction: an anthology of microlit

‘Bad Weather’ in Pulped Fiction: an anthology of microlit (Spineless Wonders, 2021)


‘Last Time Johnny saw Phil in Bondi’, fourW: New Writing, 31 (December)

‘The Line’, Lane Cove Literary Awards 2019 anthology (Nov)

‘Fiona and the Fish’, TEXT, Vol 24, Issue 2, (October)

‘Arrival’ in Anthology of Australian Prose Poetry (MUP,2020)

‘Currumbin Alley’, Well-known corners, Poetry on the Move<>, Canberra Uni, (July)

Ascendancy’ and ‘Disappearing Act’ in Shearsman, UK. (April)

Scars-NWF Joanne Burns Microlit Award (April) (40min 37secs)

Scars-NWF Joanne Burns Microlit Award (April)


‘Secret Santa’, ‘Durham St Barbecue’ and ‘Third Round’- short stories, Issue #28 Idiom 23, (Dec)

‘Oliver’, The University of Canberra, Vice-Chancellor’s International Poetry Prize 2019 Anthology (November)

‘Metamorphosis’ and ‘The Art of Seduction’, eratio: 28 (US)

‘Field of Vision’, Bluepepper, (May)

‘Bad Weather’ video, Pulped Fiction Salon, Newcastle Writers’ Festival and online launch of Pulped Fiction: an anthology of microlit


‘Aptenodytes forsteri and the imperial egg’ and ‘In his image’ in Wild Court based in the English Dept of King’s College, London (November)

‘Jack and the poodle’ in fourW: New Writing, No.29 (November)

‘Crossing’ in Not Very Quiet (September)

‘Archaeopteryx’, ‘New Histories’, and ‘Saudade’ in Shearsman (UK) (April)

‘Mary Anning discovers the plesiosaur, 1824′ in Not Very Quiet (March)


‘White’ in foam:e 14 (March)

‘Avid Reader’ in Tincture 17

‘The Hand’ and ‘Wilpena Pound, the Flinders Ranges’ in Shearsman, UK (April)

‘Young Love, Botany Bay’ in The Disappearing Project, The Red Room (May)

‘South of the Lighthouse’, in Island Issue 149 (June)

‘Degrees of Flight’, in Eratio, US, (July)

‘Sheila Talk’, performed at Winter Shorts by Quart Shorts Collective, Adelaide (August 1)

‘Playing Dead’, Not Very Quiet Journal  (September).

‘All Saints’ Eve’,  fourW: New Writing anthology, No. 28  (November)


The Yawning Leopard’, fourW: New Writing anthology, 27  (November)

Creed’, Small Packages No.12, Brisbane

New Eve’, ‘wildfire’, SOFTBLOW, 12th Anniversay anthology, Singapore (November)

Evolutionary Lap’, Tincture (June)

‘Circling’ and ‘An Evening without Venice’ in foam:e 13 (March)


‘The Wait’, Verity La online journal, 12 Dec

‘Unlocking Shells’ in Australian Poetry Journal anthology

‘Skirmish,1942’ in 100 Years from Gallipoli Poetry Project

‘Adieu Ariel’ and ‘Unlocking Shells’, Speedpoets July issue


‘Card Night’ and ‘All Hallows’ Eve,  fourW: New Writing , No. 25 (December)

‘The Truth about Lying’, Idiom 23

‘Earlier’, Newcastle Poetry Prize anthology


‘The Inheritance’, fourW: New Writing, No. 24 (December)

‘Revisiting Yugoslavia: Rijeka, Croatia’ in 2013 Best Australian Poems, Black Inc.

‘Remember’ in 2013 Australian Love Poems, Inkerman and Blunt

‘Banksia Serrata’ excerpt from ‘Hunters and Collectors’, An Absence of Saints in Little Book of Banksias, National Library of Australia , ‘Little Books’ series

‘Blaze’ in Global Poetry Anthology (International Montreal Poetry Prize), Vehicule Press


‘Enter the grasslands’, fourW; New Writing, No.23 (December)

‘June Solstice, Brisbane’ and ‘Revisiting Yugoslavia: Rijeka, Croatia’, Australian Poetry Journal 2.2: Art (December)

Shimmer’,  “Early Self-portrait: from Latina, Italy to Bonegilla, Victoria’ and ‘Borderline, Yugoslavia 1947’ in Carmenta broadsheet, Italian Institute of Culture, Melbourne (September)

‘The Spaniard‘, Cordite No. 39. (August)

‘Rilke: the early years’ and ‘A note to a friendship’ in stilts, Issue 2 (March)